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"In 3 months of working with Katie my visitors, sessions and pageviews doubled, my subscribers increased by 700% and I made the first money I've ever made with my blog."

- Samantha Hatcher,

You're a woman who knows your message needs sharing, but you're struggling to get more than $100 a month from your blog...

You put your heart and soul into it and it seems like all it generates is the sound of crickets.

It feels like no one knows you exist, like no one seems to care.

Sometimes you doubt that the effort is even worth it. I mean, you're dumping money into hosting, putting time into research and writing...

You're staying up way too late at night making sure "all the things" get done, and even so there is zero to show for it.

If this isn't what you dreamed blogging could be, you're right!

Here's what membership in The Blog Connection can do for you...

The Blog Connection gives women the training and the ability to

  1. Cash flow your income
  2. Create a healthy business from your blog
  3. Connect with other women business owners who will help you grow
  4. Create the life and influence that you've been dreaming of
  5. Have a blog that serves your family (instead of the other way around)

"Katie's coaching has helped me create a course, write a book and begin to earn income from my blogging platform."

- Brenda Mason,

"Since joining The Blog Connection I've seen growth that directly translates into increased earnings. I would tell anyone that the membership or coaching with Katie is worth the price."

- Becky Marie,

In the Blog Connection you'll find a coach you can trust and a safe environment to ask your business growth questions.

I'll be there to coach you when you need help, to break things down into easy steps that don't make you feel dumb for asking.

There's a fun-loving community of women who will lift you up when you're down and cheer you on every day!

You have a message that someone is waiting to hear, a gift that will change the world. What are you waiting for?
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Katie Hornor is a popular author, online business coach, mentor and international speaker whose forte is course creation and curriculum development, followed closely by relationship marketing. She has a M. Ed. and has studied under the best names in online business and marketing including Jeff Walker, Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, Ray Edwards, Stu McLaren, Pete Vargas, Pat Quinn, Steve G. Jones, Linda Hollander, Ryan Levesque and Aaron Walker.

The founder of and, she is also the leader of the worldwide Spanish homeschool movement and the author of over 24 courses and 40 self-published books, including five Amazon best-sellers.

From her experience developing a movement and training leaders for the past 10 years, she shares unique insights in each of her courses into how we can live out the proven mantra of “your message matters.”

Katie and her husband Tap run their business, love on their students, and homeschool their five kids from tropical Mexico. Connect with her at

What You Get:

In the Blog Connection membership, women in business receive immediate access to our core content including detailed information focused on your success and growth. Here’s what is included in the modules:


Find out how to make the best use of the materials and resources, how to access our private Facebook group and how to contact Katie.

Your Business Idea:

This module is key for laying a great foundation for your business based around your definition of success and a succinct messaging of the problem you solve for whom. This sets you up for success.

Your Vision and Mission:

In this section of the course you'll define your uniqueness in the marketplace and brainstorm how to set yourself apart from the competition and reach your target audience. You'll also define your perfect client and your vision and mission.

Your Website:

Here we'll give you all the insider tricks on setting up Google Analytics, plus all the legal policies and disclosures you must have for an amazing (and legal) website!

Your Branding:

This module is a complete Business Branding Masterclass as you learn to communicate your values through your branding and stand out in the crowded market place. It's way more than just colors and fonts.


  • BONUS monthly group coaching calls ($197 value monthly)
  • BONUS Module - our GDPR Compliance course ($97 value) to teach you how to keep your privacy policies and email subscriber forms compliant with current privacy regulations.
  • BONUS Admission to our exclusive private Blog Connection Facebook community with 24/7 access to Katie and the community of other women
  • BONUS Monthly trainings and activities to go deeper in the areas of practical business that will increase your income and your impact

"Katie is a source I can trust and learn from. Trust is a big factor for me."

- Cynthia Charleen,

"I appreciate the support and accessibility to Katie. The Blog Connection will supply the logistics for you to answer your call, regardless of your niche or blog topic."

- Cathy Canen,

"The Blog Connection is a place to network and get your questions answered without criticism"

- Alicia Michelle,

"The help I found in The Blog Connection was an answer to prayer for me as a new blogger."

- Terri Hamman,

"The best things about The Blog Connection are Katie's accessibility and her knowledge and willingness to share in terms I can understand without making me feel dumb."

- Phyllis Sather,

The Guarantee:

I do provide a 30-day Guarantee, though we've never once had to use it. If you're not satisfied with your membership, I am happy to refund the full amount of your purchase within the first 30 days, no questions asked. After 30 days you can cancel at any time, but no refunds or partial refunds are given for monthly or yearly plans.

You have a message that someone is waiting to hear.

What are you waiting for?

The Blog Connection is the best choice to help you share your message and grow your business staring today.

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